And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15


The DeWalds to Dominican Republic

Jake & Joy DeWalds

 The Jugsujindas  to Thailand

Aruj & PattAruj & Patt

 The Facendas to South Korea

Jonathan, Rachael, Yae-Chan, Yae-Sun, Hyae-Lin & Hyae-Jin &Yae-Joon                                                                                                                     Facendas

The Soapas to Togo, West Africa

Amos & Lisa Soapas

 The Powells to Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Spence & GaryettaPowells

 The McKinneys to Bolivia

Jacob, Shera, Ryland, Landon & Hudson


The Northcutts to Newfoundland

Matt, Katie, Elliot & KaralynNorthcutts

The Wrights to the Republic of Georgia

Jim, Jenna, Caleb, Grace, Andrew & Daniel Wrights

The Wilds

(Christian camp in North Carolina)Wilds



Baptist Home MissionsBaptist Home Missions



These are not all of our missionaries. We have some that have asked us not to put their picture or names on our website.