couples conference

The concept for the Second Half of Marriage Retreat has grown out of a burden
to help couples not only finish life together, but to do so with a deep sense of
joy and fulfillment.
Over the past twenty years we have been able to help many couples (locals and
out-of-towners) through our counseling ministry. Over half of those who come
are in the second half of their marriage. The kids are older or gone; the parents
are ill, in need or gone and careers have plateaued.
While the challenge of young love just starting out cannot be overstated, often
the deepest challenge begins as the kids get older and start leaving. This time
of life is filled with multiplied pressures that young couples never think of and
older couples many times are not prepared for.
If you are in or preparing for the second half of marriage, please consider
investing in these three (or four) days to help make this season of life all it can

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